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Our Engineer-next-door approach fosters greater working relationships with our clients, improves efficiency and reduces process time.

A customer centric approach that symbolises assurance and focuses on long term commitment is what our Co-Engineer Model brings your way. This proprietary model that has been successful in our various client engagements ensures efficient engineering among globally disbursed engineering groups by simulating the experience of working as co-located.

An in-depth knowledge of your industry added with our expertise equips us to deliver solutions that create value and increase your competitive advantage. Deploying the Co-Engineer model enables us to work together with you despite your varied geographical locations in a manner that focuses on being your partner thereby sharing your aspirations to create the right product.

Dedicated engineers who share a passion for engineering are constantly engaged with clients. This converts into a low attrition rate for us and brings longer commitment with the company.

A Phased engagement approach is followed where we gradually progress from executing instructional Engineering to Intuitive Engineering. We start with Detail Engineering, Verification & Validation, Software & Hardware development support and move to full product design.

Control and Transparency encompass this model as we work collaboratively with you. It is our belief that mutual trust fosters greater working and business relationships and we strive to bring this element in the way we work. We appreciate your involvement in knowing the progress of the engagement and are committed to being a partner whom you can trust.

Our Center of Excellence provides insights that help us leverage the engineering expertise that is deep rooted in our organization. Our domain experts along with SMEs in varied fields of technology bring between them a combination of knowledge, innovation and passion. Our integrated Smart Engineering Ecosystem ensures that we have the engineering capability and the infrastructure required to develop and manufacture products.

The Co-engineer model enables your organization to reap benefits that include:

  • Concurrent development on the same project by your team and Altran Engineering Solutions teams
  • Engineer Next door experience though the Altran Engineering Solutions engineers are offshore
  • Minimal to zero onsite engineers
  • Extensive use of Video Conference, Knowledge sharing and live communication tools facilitating a higher level of information sharing and interaction
  • Stronger relationships with the offshore engineers. Your engineers would know by name and face the offshore associates working on the project
  • Greater ownership of the offshore teams by your Lead Engineers and Managers
  • Improved onsite: offshore efficiency ratio. Currently average ratio close to 1:1
  • Round the clock design effort – Reduced product design timelines
  • Greater cost savings in comparison to traditional offshore models

Our customers understand and are enthusiastic to work with us by implementing the Co-Engineer model. They span a spectrum of industries such as

  • Automotive
  • Rail
  • Industrial Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Consumer Products

Read More to find out how a major American manufacturer of Office furniture, Equipment and Home Furnishings uses the Co-Engineer Model of Altran Engineering Solutions to create business value and distinctive solutions.

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Co-Engineer Model


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