Privacy Policy


This Policy covers how Altran Engineering Solutions collects and receives information about our visitors.

Information is being Collected

General Web Site Users: Altran Engineering Solutions does not collect any personal information from you when you are browsing our web site. Our server identifies your domain name and the pages that you visit. These data are collected and used for quality control and improvement of our web site.

  • Mailing List Users: Personal information collected from you is used only for Altran Engineering Solutions and not distributed by third parties.

  • IP Address: ATIPL Altran Technologies Limited websites also captures the IP address automatically.We use the IP address for site administration, to track the user and ensure the security of your interaction.


Cookies are used to help users navigate websites easily and perform various functions. As cookies
enhance site usability and processes, when you disable them the website may not operate as expected
and you may not be able to access certain functions.

The only personal information a cookie can contain is information you supply.

The cookie cannot read data from your hard disk or files created by other web sites