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Embrace our Offshore Design Centers to give the added advantage to your businesses through concurrent engineering processes.

Altran Engineering Solutions partners with customers to set up offshore design centers converting geographical challenges into opportunities to provide round-the-clock engineering. This promotes successful working relationships as our experts work on dedicated client projects ensuring healthy working relationships with our partners.

Our engagement model ensures that the processes and communication happen seamlessly harnessing the power of technology.

We deploy our Co-Engineer model to simulate the experience of working as co-located amongst geographically disbursed teams.

The Co-engineer model enables your organization to reap benefits that include:

  • Concurrent development on the same project by your team and Altran Engineering Solutions team.
  • Engineer Next door experience although our engineers are located offshore.
  • Minimal to zero onsite engineers.
  • Extensive use of Video Conference, Knowledge sharing and live communication tools facilitating a higher level of information sharing and interaction.
  • Stronger relationships with the offshore engineers. Your engineers would know by name and face the offshore associates working on the project.
  • Greater ownership of the offshore teams by your Lead Engineers and Managers.
  • Improved onsite: offshore efficiency ratio. Currently average ratio close to 1:1.
  • Round the clock design effort – Reduced product design timelines.
  • Greater cost savings in comparison to traditional offshore models.

Read More to find out how a major American manufacturer of Office furniture, Equipments and Home Furnishings leverages the Co-Engineer Model of Altran Engineering Solutions to create business value and distinctive solutions.

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