Privacy may soon become a diluted word in the Autonomous world


The automobile industry is weaning into autonomous technology in response to consumer preferences. Automakers are well aware that car making is no more a single event. Accelerated rise in diverse technology is driving the auto industry. Technology companies are evidently obsessed with the idea of autonomous cars for a while now. Companies like CMU Navlab, Google, Tesla have rolled out their models. Traditional automakers are left with no choice but to jump on to the bandwagon lest they will slip into obscurity. Auto majors like Toyota, Renault, Volvo, and others have proved to be fast followers by working on new projects to incorporate the new technologies.

Privacy in the traditional auto industry

Industrial espionage has been a prime security concern for OEMs and tier 1 suppliers of the automobile industry. Loss abounds and often irredeemable when critical information is lost. Hence, in a ruthlessly competitive world, data security holds center stage in risk management. However, the onset of disruptive technology has brought about a fundamental change in how automakers viewed the privacy aspect. The industry is caught up in the thick of activities where privacy has little place.

Way forward in the technology-driven world

The technological trends like digitization, autonomous, electrification and connectivity are driving the auto industry on to a different platform, where partnerships are imperative to keep pace with the market. Autonomous cars and connected cars require technologies that are mercurial in nature. Ideally, these technologies are more often outsourced to maintain expertise. As a corollary, automakers are faced with a new challenge – compulsive partnerships where privacy may be compromised. Non-conventional partnerships are springing up as the technology has opened up diverse opportunities. The vertical chain of vendors has given way to horizontal structure of complex partnerships.

Altran desk

In this context, Altran Technologies, the technology and innovation consultants advocate “buy- then- make”. The company has acquired capacities to partner with the automakers to provide services in the field of automotive and transportation. The expertise of Altran in cellular and wireless technology and their geographical footprint are the company’s forte. Altran can be a trusted partner throughout the life cycle of the product and is equipped to aid IP development of the automotive partner.


Big guys in the auto industry have been proactive to the turn of events in the market. They are accepting the inflow of disruptive ideas into the mainstream. “Our competitors no longer just make cars,” said Akio Toyoda, Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota has teamed up with Amazon, Uber and Pizza Hut in rolling out their autonomous car.