Collaboration is the key!

Dream cars are becoming a reality. Autonomous cars are no more fantasies from science fiction. They are emerging from around the corner. Making them foolproof is the new challenge. At Altran, we have a bevy of service engineers who are ready to take on the challenges in the horizon. While we see the inevitable happening, we at Altran are gearing up to collaborate with the OEMs and tier-one suppliers to tread the miles successfully. We are gearing up to stand by to face the ever-evolving technology as the technology being future proof is barely reasonable.

The auto industry is changing dynamically. Next generation of cars is all about driverless cars and internet of cars. Customers are seeing automation as the way forward. They are well aware of the ease of living in an automotive ecosystem. Customer preferences have shifted from chassis and engine development to internet of cars for the sheer capabilities.

A number of authentic surveys suggest that: collaborations with third parties can give the automotive OEMs and tier-one suppliers leverage in terms of expertise, autonomous car industry requires non- traditional players assuming key roles to enable connectivity in the cloud platform, and brand loyalty may no longer be the determiner of car sales. This is suggestive of a change in customer expectations. Swift innovations and adoptions of most recent technology are very crucial to growth and success in the market.

Proprietary in-car applications created by some OEMs have not succeeded to provide the seamless V2D experience across the digital devices that the customer demands. Ideally, OEMs and tier-one suppliers should pick the service providers who can be engaged in dealing with the onslaught of the internet of things to keep pace with the global developments. With the imposing features of the connected cars, the automotive industry is getting more and more complex. The solution lies in strategic collaboration with promising service providers to access skilled expertise and reduce turnaround time. This move will also allow the motor industry majors to shed assets and streamline operations.

Apprehensions about data security should not overcast the obvious opportunities for growth. Data security measures can be put in place to address the issues that are likely to arise from third-party collaboration.